Israeli civilian-turned IDF reservist recounts Hamas’ horrific terrorist attack

'I encountered their cruelty. They confessed to killing my friends. They shot them in the head one by one,' said the IDF reservist.

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Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini recently spoke with an IDF reservist who recounted his horrific experience as an unarmed civilian during the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7.

Despite the intense media focus on Hamas terrorists as the sole perpetrators of the attacks, the IDF reservist claims that Palestinian civilians also took part in the atrocities.

Speaking about his experience on October 7, the reservist said, "Hamas came, opened it up, killed soldiers and moved on. Who came and raped and looted and committed all the atrocities, the cruelty we saw? That was the civilians. That's what the world needs to understand."

"I saw it with my own eyes," he added.

The reservist was asked about people equating what Israel is currently doing in Gaza to the terrorist attacks of October 7.

"For us, they did not put notices or knock on the door and say 'get out, we're taking down the IDF.' For us, they came and murdered our civilians. Our army tells them, 'move south, it will be better for you, you will live.' We give them opportunities to live," he said.

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