Jacinta Price joins $1.45m anti-Indigenous Voice campaign

Senator Jacinta Price has joined the Fair Australia campaign, which opposes the Indigenous Voice to Parliament proposal and is backed by conservative lobby group Advance Australia.

Jacinta Price joins $1.45m anti-Indigenous Voice campaign
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Senator Jacinta Price has quit her role with the group she helped form just two weeks ago to oppose the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and will, instead, head up a ‘no’ campaign backed by conservative lobby group Advance Australia.

The Fair Australia campaign that she will now spearhead has $1.45m funding from Advance Australia.

The campaign’s message is that the Voice proposed by the Albanese government is divisive and unfair.

“For the first time in our history, our founding document will be tilted in favour of one group of Australians depending on their race,” the Fair Australia’s website says.

“The Voice will drive a wedge between Indigenous peoples and divide Aussies by race.

“It will be a dividing line through the heart of our nation. It’s divisive, it’s dangerous, it’s expensive and it’s not fair.”

Price had been one of six committee members – alongside Warren Mundine and former deputy prime minister John Anderson – who launched the Recognise a Better Way campaign last month.

That group is arguing that a Constitutionally enshrined Voice would negatively impact democracy. Instead of the Voice, they support a preamble in the Constitution that would focus on the rights of native title holders under existing legislation.

Price said she had no argument with the Recognise a Better Way committee but felt she was better leading the Advance Australia “grassroots” campaign.

“I am deeply respectful of the national committee members themselves and the work they are undertaking, however I do firmly believe that my efforts are best directed towards the grassroots campaign focus of the Fair Australia campaign as opposed to the thought leadership and policy focus of Recognise a Better Way,” she said.

“We are all committed to achieving a resounding No vote and in doing so a positive result for Australians.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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