Jordanian government doubles down on support for Palestinian extremists

The Jordanian Prime Minister cited casualty numbers from the Hamas health ministry, stating 20,000 casualties, without specifying the number of Gazans among them who were Hamas militants.

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During an interview at the World Economic Forum (WEF) conference in Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister Bisher Hani Al Khasawneh of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan discussed the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Khasawneh described the conflict as being provoked by an alleged increase in settler violence in the West Bank and attacks on Muslim holy sites.

However, Khasawneh failed to condemn Hamas for using human shields or even recognize the atrocious acts committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

The interviewer, Daniel Kurtz-Phelan, Editor of Foreign Affairs, tried to ask Khasawneh about Iranain's influence on the conflict, but the Prime Minister deflected and stuck to his talking points, which basically amounted to: Israel is an aggressor, and the Palestinians are the victims of Israeli cruelty.

The Prime Minister quoted Hamas health ministry numbers of casualties as 20,000, not mentioning how many of those Gazans were Hamas militants.

Like Hamas officials, the Jordanian Prime Minister seemed to imply the preposterous position that every single casualty in Gaza is a non-militant.

Ultimately, the interviewer was only able to ask three questions before the session ended. Perhaps the Prime Minister was trying to run out the clock to avoid any truly challenging comments.

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