Even before Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic boarded his plane to head to Australia he was the subject of a relentless mainstream media campaign to keep him off the court. Why? Because he dared to keep his vaccination information private while at the same time doing his best to work with Australian authorities to tick all of the boxes to let him play.

This was a fact acknowledged in Djokovic's court hearing where the judge exclaimed "what more could this man have done?". While Djokovic has won in the courtroom, his chances on the tennis court are still under threat as red-faced politicians and media commentators scramble to cancel the world number one.

Djokovic represents an individual standing up for what he believes in and is unwilling to back down without a fight, even when the odds and the public opinion is stacked against him. Victorians have suffered through some of the harshest lockdown conditions in the world and it's understandable that some are upset as there shouldn't be special treatment for sports stars and celebrities.

However, many are starting to see that the main difference between themselves and Djokovic is that he had the courage to stand up for his own values and rights and is willing to defend his own freedoms despite what the headlines say.

If you agree, that the world's best tennis player should be able to play in the Australian Open, please sign the petition on this page.