Liberals are looking for advice on how to proceed with gun buyback scheme

Trudeau banned 1,500 firearms and now he wants to recycle them, too.

Liberals are looking for advice on how to proceed with gun buyback scheme
The Canadian Press / Patrick Doyle
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Trudeau's government banned 1,500 popular models of shotguns and rifles in May 2020, calling the firearms “assault-style” though included in the ban were a .410 bird gun and smaller .22 calibre rifles.

A new request for information posted on the government's tender and contracts website hints that the federal department tasked with imposing Trudeau's broad sweeping gun control measures may not have any idea how to implement the buy-back program aimed at compensating innocent owners of firearm models caught in the arbitrary bans:

The intent of this RFI (request for info) is to determine the capacities and capabilities that currently exist within the marketplace to deliver on the notional requirements of the envisioned commodity for the BBP (buyback program).

PS (Public Safety Canada) is responsible for the Buyback Program following the prohibition by the Government of Canada (GoC), on May 1, 2020, of over 1,500 models of assault-style firearms and other weapons.

The primary intent of this program is to safely buy back these newly prohibited firearms (NPFs) from society, while offering fair compensation to businesses and lawful owners impacted by the prohibition. As such, PS (Public Safety Canada) is currently examining an array of implementation and delivery solutions, including the potential for contracting out workstreams associated with the Program (as currently envisioned):

• Collection and Transportation
• Tracking
• Storage Solutions
• Package Inspection
• Destruction
• Post-Destruction Recycling

According to a recent government release, “These regulations will help stop the growth of personally owned handguns in Canada and are expected to come into force in Fall 2022.”

The Liberals have never defined what “assault-style” means and have recently moved to block the sale and purchase of handguns from licensed owners. Handguns are the highest regulated form of firearms requiring special licensing, with the owner of the handgun requiring special permission to transport the gun to and from an approved range, the only place where a handgun may be discharged.

According to the government's own data, the majority of firearms related offences are committed using illegally obtained and possessed guns. Rebel News has a petition calling on the federal government to stop wasting resources on innocent lawful Canadian gun owners and put efforts into combatting illegal gun violence. To sign, please visit


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