“What's an assault rifle?” Toronto responds to Trudeau's gun grab

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Justin Trudeau's recent gun ban that banned “assault style rifles” is a troubling act of political overreach simply to fulfill a campaign promise. 

It offers no basis nor factual evidence in terms of justification. Rather, it simply capitalizes on recent tragedies which have, and almost always, include the use of unlicensed and/or illegal firearms.

What firearms did Trudeau ban?

Not only does the legislation contain no mention of “assault rifles” or “assault weapons,” there are no sourced statistics relating to deaths by assault rifles in Canada. Our most recent data (2018) shows that 57.4 per cent of firearm homicide victims were shot with handguns, with another 22 per cent shot by rifles or shotguns. 

There is no reference to assault rifles in official statistics nor the legislation, because there exists no definition of “assault weapon” in Canadian Law. Why? Because there is no verifiable mechanical difference between a rifle that is semi-automatic, and a semi-automatic pistol. There are bolt-action rifles, but those are even slower and harder to operate than a modern rifle.

This is why the new legislation seeks to limit guns based on name-only. If there were a law based on mechanics rather than semantics, the ban would be even wider, and include any pistol or firearm that operates as a semi-automatic. 

Banning “scary” weapons

So Trudeau’s only option was to ban the “scary” looking weapons that may or may not be in use by the Armed Forces, often with fully-automatic capabilities (a function that is already banned in Canada.)

I went to downtown Toronto to ask average citizens how they felt about the ban: How they think it relates to crime and what they think of legal gun owners. I also wanted to get a sense of people's general understanding of what an “assault rifle” is.

I think you might be surprised by the one thing almost all those who opposed the ban have in common. WATCH to see what I mean.

Rebel News has set up a petition at HandsOffOurGuns.ca to send a message to Canada's leaders; at the very least, the delivery of the petition to elected officials can send a message that Canadians are unhappy with this random attack on law-abiding citizens' rights.

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