WATCH: Mainstream journo tracks down Avi Yemini at Davos

CNBC broadcaster reveals he is a fan of independent journalism in conversation with Rebel reporter.

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In the midst of the annual gathering of the global elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, it was almost shocking to find at least one journalist willing to engage with independent media. 

When we caught up with CNBC journalist Steve Sedgwick, he not only was happy to talk, but he actually underscored the importance of divergent perspectives within the media landscape.

For years at the WEF, Rebel News has highlighted the importance of challenging conversations and confrontations, particularly in exposing those who seek to exert control over the masses.

Sedgwick's approachability sparked questions regarding the exclusivity of mainstream media within the forum's debates. Why do only members of mainstream outlets seem to receive these special invitations?

Despite ideological differences, we can at least acknowledge Sedgwick's civility, contrasting it with past encounters marked by hostility from other CNBC representatives.

The exchange underscored the importance of open dialogue and diverse perspectives in shaping global narratives.

As discussions around media representation and journalistic integrity continue, Rebel News is committed to challenging the status quo and amplifying voices often overlooked by these traditional outlets.

Through initiatives like WEFreports.comRebel News has aimed to bring transparency and accountability to the corridors of power at Davos. We need your help to support our mission, so we can do the same next year. If you can, please donate using the form on this page to help us cover our costs.

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