Maxime Bernier in Edmonton: Supporters Explain Why They're Voting PPC

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Last weekend, fresh from his exclusion from the federal leaders’ debates in Quebec, People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier took to Alberta in a hectic whistle-stop tour of the province, including an evening rally of hundreds at the Oilfield Technical Society Centennial Park on the outskirts of South Edmonton.

National polling indicates that the PPC has its strongest support in Alberta, where recent data have the party drawing over 20 per cent of the vote, in the region that has consistently been the most reliable for Erin O'Toole's Conservative Party.

But Alberta is where protest parties are born, or in this case, propelled forward. The Reform and the Wildrose were both successful parties — one national and the other provincial — that fractured from the old Progressive Conservatives when voters felt the party was no longer conservative enough on policy and fiscal matters, or reflective of their issues and values.

Though no visible mainstream media were in attendance — no surprise there — Rebel News was on hand to talk to those in the crowd to ask them: Why the PPC?

One person ripped up his CPC membership card on camera in response to the query.

And spoiler alert: we also caught up with one of our successful Fight The Fines cases in the audience.

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