Message to Canadians: A Christmas Without Papers

Santa Claus made an appearance at the latest Without Papers gathering in Calgary.

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As we’ve chronicled over the past few months, Jesse, the owner of Calgary restaurant Without Papers Pizza, took a stand against the vaccine mandates that would require him to demand private medical information from his patrons.

This is something he could not do, and because of his stance, the city of Calgary threw him on the streets. Protests were held outside the now-closed restaurant, and those demonstrations evolved into a support group for those also feeling segregated from society.

In our last encounter, we saw that even a -20°C blizzard wouldn’t extinguish this group's passion; something that was proven again in this report.

What’s special about this time, however, is that Santa Claus himself was in attendance. Gifts were given to children, while Santa oversaw the evening, spreading Christmas joy to the families at the get together.

Some notable Albertans were also in attendance alongside Santa. This included Pastor Artur Pawlowski and former Calgary MP Rob Anders, who both showed their support for those the state has chosen to ignore.

Along with Pawlowski and Anders, I spoke to others who had come gather, hearing their Christmas messages and what New Years resolution they would like to bestow onto their fellow Canadians.

Right now, there are many Canadians being marginalized by vaccine mandates. Even those considered “fully vaccinated” are now starting to be considered as equally undeserving as those who haven't taken any of the jabs with the rollout of booster shots.

Though things are gloomy, through initiatives like, we are taking a stand against this new style of government overreach.

If you want things to return back to normal, consider donating to the ongoing legal challenges at to help set a precedent for the rest of the country. As an added bonus, donations made at that website go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, meaning you'll qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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