Meta CENSORS Rebel News' coverage of Hamas brutality

Avi Yemini details how the parent company of Facebook and Instagram is censoring footage detailing the horrific atrocities carried out by Hamas.

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is censoring coverage of Hamas' brutality in the name of their victims.

“This morning, we uploaded one of our videos to Facebook and Instagram,” Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini explains. “And instantly, Rebel News received a notification that it was banned for glorifying terrorism.”

The video in question, however, was not glorifying terrorism whatsoever. The opposite, in fact, as the video was condemning the terrorist organization for its brutal Oct. 7 attack against Israel.

“So our team did the right thing, they appealed thinking it was just a mistake,” Avi explains. A few hours later, Rebel News received a response from Meta.

It reads:

Thanks for submitting an appeal. We've reviewed your content and have found that it goes against Instagram's Community Guidelines. The content has been removed from Instagram.

“You can't make this stuff up,” Avi quipped. “They don't want the world to see the truth, that's the reality here.”

Make sure to head to, where you can keep up with all of Avi's reports from the ground in Israel. There, you can find all of our content — including the things the mainstream social media platforms don't want you to see. 

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