More health professionals rein in the delusion of indiscriminate vaccine mandates

Dr. David Jacobs, the president of the Ontario Association of Radiologists, said vaccine mandates were 'politically driven' and 'did not help anyone in the health-care industry.'

More health professionals rein in the delusion of indiscriminate vaccine mandates
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In the House of Commons on March 23, the Standing Committee on Health heard from Dr. David Jacobs, the president of the Ontario Association of Radiologists, and Dr. Shirin Kalyan, a professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia.

Both professionals cited limited scientific evidence for indiscriminate vaccine mandates. Dr. Jacobs specifically referred to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dismissal of unvaccinated Canadians as a racist fringe group as uniquely unhelpful, as reported by Blacklock's Reporter.

“It was politically driven,” said Jacobs. “It did not help anyone in the health-care industry. It did not convince anyone to change their mind.”

On the campaign trail last August, Trudeau referred to unvaccinated as “putting at risk their own kids and they’re putting at risk our kids as well. What about my choice to keep my kids safe?”

A mere month later, Trudeau once again belittled people for making their own personal medical choices, calling them “extremists who don’t believe in science. They are often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group of people that muscles in and we have to make a choice: do we tolerate these people?”

Jacobs reiterates that Omicron was highly contagious and that “vaccines didn’t do much in terms of preventing spread of COVID.”

Dr. Kalyan advocates for focused protection. 

“If we had focused on protecting the most vulnerable it would have gone farther than putting blanket mandates on everyone because that actually has the potential to increase vaccine hesitancy and trust in vaccines and the public health-care system in general,” Kalyan said.

She refers to Israel to highlight the short fallings of vaccine mandates and the coercive program, where the first Omicron case “came from a triple-vaccinated doctor returning from a conference who passed it on to another triple-vaccinated physician.”

Kalyan notes that officials didn't take a holistic approach to overall health:

I don't think coercion is the best way to get people to behave the way you want [them] to. I think there are lots of health-promoting activities — if you suggested people stop smoking, that people exercise, that people reduce their weight — there are many things that would reduce a hospital surge but we never really did a more holistic approach to improving people's health, including mental health.

In advocating for better risk stratification, Kalyan explained that if people are “equipped with the information and understand their own risk profile, it is far more effective than putting blanket vaccine mandates especially for people who already have immunity... Informing people rather than forcing them to do something is always more effective for health care.”

When noting that no federal health agency has endorsed vaccine mandates, the committee’s medical advisor, Dr. Bryna Warshawsky, testified that even the “The National Advisory Committee on Immunization does not make recommendations with respect to mandates.”

Comments like these sure seem to allude to political science being the only science used to justify this coercive measure.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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