MSM says COVID cases on the rise, fails to mention experts' conflicts of interest

The mainstream media continues to amplify purported COVID-19 experts – who use variants as justification for pushing more novel booster shots – without divulging their conflicts of interest.

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A recent article published by CTV News titled “Canada will likely see a rise in COVID cases by late August: says infectious disease expert,” features infectious disease expert Doctor Isaac Bogoch.

Bogoch says COVID-19 cases are likely to be on the rise as we head into the fall with new variants like EG-5 on the horizon, further using that as justification to necessitate the now seasonal novel COVID-19 boosters.

This is unsurprising, coming from a pandemic profiteer who was part of the secret team of experts consulted by Ontario Premier Doug Ford in the spring of 2020.

Bogoch was a member of the now-disbanded Ontario Science Table and has the following declared conflicts of interest related to COVID-19:

A grant, paid directly to him and his institution by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to study the global spread of COVID-19

A consultancy fee was paid to him by the NHL’s players association to review their protocols to ensure safe play (during a time when the professional sportsters could play hockey, work out at a gym, and eat in a restaurant but all of the children were shuttered out of the arenas, while gyms and restaurants were indiscriminately put into a forced public health lockdown)

A consultancy fee to BlueDot (the same company that was hired by the Public Health Agency of Canada to minor and track the cellphone data of unsuspecting Canadians to measure their compliance with public health measures like social distancing, quarantine and travel restrictions)

In a now-deleted Government of Ontario webpage, Bogoch was also a member of the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force. The primary function of the task force was to advise the minister of health and solicitor general on how to develop and implement a COVID-19 immunization strategy. Non-Ontario public service employees were paid $398 dollars per day for this engagement.

Rebel News reached out to Bogoch to clarify how the above-mentioned grants and declared conflicts of interest may interfere with his ability to provide non-biased, neutral recommendations on COVID-19 injections.

He responded by clarifying that he does not consult pharmaceutical/vaccine companies, nor does he get paid for media engagements, and that is not a member of Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI).

Yet it certainly sounds like Bogoch is captured by a pharma-centric narrative, kowtowing to the government favoured consensus, by the same institution that has recently funded training opportunities in science communication – awarding tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to social media influencers and consensus parrots, aimed at combatting misinformation social media.

Flashback to May of 2021, Bogoch himself admits that he’s a vaccine promoter, urging Canadians to take the first vaccine that becomes available.

In Canada, that was Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca– both with risky safety profiles.

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