'Narcissists like Trudeau' hurt Canada by not doing this | Robbie Picard

The oilsands activist says he wants to bring elected representatives from Ottawa to Fort McMurray, Alberta, to see the oilsands firsthand so they have a better understanding of their policies.

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Numerous conservatives convened in Ottawa on March 22 for the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference. With the Rebel Commander in attendance, we've been bringing you interview with newsmakers from the event on episodes of The Ezra Levant Show this week.

On an episode from earlier this week, Ezra caught up with frequent Rebel News guest Robbie Picard of Oil Sands Strong.

Decrying "narcissists" like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who "speak out of both sides of their mouth," Robbie told Ezra that he's excited to meet mayors from the Montreal area who support oil and gas:

I believe we really need to, we in Alberta have to invite people from Ottawa to our hometown.

This country is so big that sometimes I don't even think we're a country because we're only 40 million population but we're the second largest country in land mass and we need to connect more.

I am doing my best, I think it's a shame, it's horrible what's happening to [the oil and gas] industry right now. It's just a bunch of crap.

To see more from Robbie Picard, be sure to visit Oil Sands Strong.

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