Never let a crisis go to waste: Will there be climate lockdowns?

From the events on 9/11 to the more recent COVID-19 emergency, the elites have long used crises as opportunities. Are climate lockdowns coming under the guise of environmental crisis? Would New Yorkers support them?

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With COVID in the rear view mirror for many, and with bureaucrats and the elite looking for another crisis to push forward their sustainable, de-growth agenda, will the so called climate crisis be the next emergency they take advantage of?

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is a quote by Rahm Emanuel. former corporate banker and former Chief of Staff of the Obama Administration.

“What I mean by that,” explained Emmanuel to the Wall Street Journal in 2008, “is that a crisis presents an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

This strategy, of never letting a crisis go to waste, has been fundamental to implementing many policies and initiatives that the elite wouldn’t have been able to get away with, at least democratically, without “emergency” or crisis.

Without the events on September 11th, the U.S. intelligence apparatus would have never been able to take away fundamental civil liberties and chip away at constitutionally ensured right to privacy.

Without the the crisis of possible future terrorism, the state would have had a difficult time passing the Patriot Act. A piece of legislation still being used against U.S. citizens and innocents abroad to this day. It was renewed and extended as recently as 2019.

Another more recent crisis that allowed for the ruling elite around the world to impose new and more advanced forms of high tech surveillance and psychological control is COVID-19.

The founder of The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, blatantly underscored in his 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset how the COVID crisis lended an opportunity to push through whatever policy plans the elite had in mind, despite the actual threat of COVID-19 being minimal.

He wrote that the coronavirus is the “least deadly pandemic of the last 2,000 years but it “represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” — he also wrote that the pandemic must be “seized and taken advantage of."

As the COVID crisis recedes, the state and corporate infrastructure that facilitated contact tracing, digital health passports, mass censorship of dissidents, and emergency mandated injection — remains firmly In place.

Now another crisis comes into view: the climate crisis. Will it be used to further implement some of the policies society was subjected to during COVID and make these policies semi-permeant under a green-colored public health banner?

In the beginning of COVID, there was a viral narrative and about lockdowns. It became one of the most well known and circulated pandemic memes of 2020. “Nature is healing,” it said.

Because of mass lockdowns, it was told, those in Denver were finally able to see the rocky mountains because there was less pollution. The water in Venice, Italy was running crystal clear, because there were no boats in the water. “Lockdowns are healing nature” stories flooded the media.

The propaganda story was that if our policymakers take away everyone's jobs and lock them in their houses, it’s good for the planet. Its viral, seemingly harmless meme’s like this that provided the ideological ground work for climate lockdowns to be taken seriously as green policy proposals.

Soon after the memes began circulating, the expert community cemented and weaponized this meme into “scientific consensus.”

Professors at Stanford published a paper explaining how lockdowns caused a record drop in emissions. Citing this report, the BBC explained that COVID paused climate emissions. But they’re rising again they said. Signaling that something must be done.

Wagenigen University, a partner of the UN’s climate office, published a paper arguing that lockdowns cut emissions in Amsterdam by 40% — unreported in the paper was the the lockdowns also cut employment rates by similar numbers.

The Guardian went as far as reporting that a global lockdown is “needed” every two years to meet the UN’s c02 goals.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum published an article calling for climate lockdowns. The council had their own building at the 2022 WEF Davos meeting in Switzerland.

They wrote that the world might need to resort to lockdowns again, “this time to tackle the climate emergency.”

Under a climate lockdown they explain “governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures.”

One wonders why this article is no longer available on their website.

Is it because the regular working people, who lost their jobs and their ability to feed their families due to lockdown policies would be resistant to doing it all over again for the so called climate?

Watch this report to see if New Yorkers are willing to submit to lockdowns for the environment.

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