New conservative advocacy group launched to fight cancel culture

New conservative advocacy group launched to fight cancel culture
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On Monday, a new conservative advocacy organization was launched to fight back against the rising tide of cancel culture, which has become prominent in various industries throughout the United States. The initiative, called “Unsilenced Majority” aims to speak for voiceless Americans who recognize the threat of cancel culture and promote freedom of expression without fear of retribution from the woke mob.

The platform is one of several prominently conservative efforts to drive back woke political leftism in the United States, which is now the forefront of the political conversation online and in the halls of Congress.

The grassroots platform, as announced by its founder and president Mike Davis, best known for his work on the Internet Accountability Project, will provide an organizing platform “to fight back against the rising tide of left-wing intolerance,” according to the press release. Davis is joined by the likes of Ian Prior as spokesman and counsel, Will Chamberlain as senior counsel, and Andrew Surabian as senior advisor.

“We strongly believe that corporate censorship, thought-policing, and politically motivated blacklists and boycotts are having a corrosive effect on our country and will ultimately lead to a less free world. We also believe that freedom of speech and diversity of thought are fundamental bedrocks of a free society and should always be protected and celebrated,” Davis said in the press release.

“The Unsilenced Majority speaks for an emboldened majority of Americans who recognize the imminent threat that cancel culture poses to our nation. The rising intolerance of cancel culture is breeding fear and paranoia in our politics, across the corporate world, at our children’s schools, and even in our neighborhoods. It must be stopped. The Unsilenced Majority aims to harness grassroots opposition to fight back against cancel culture before it’s too late.”

The organization believes that cancel culture is “just another term for intolerance and suffocating dissent.”

“The left’s modern political project isn’t about winning the argument,” the release continues. “It’s about silence their political enemies through intimidation, financial ruin, and outright censorship.”

It continues:

Cancel culture is one of the most un-American forces in our nation’s history, and the worst part is that the woke mob is winning. The First Amendment to the Constitution outlines the core of American values: free speech, free exercise of religion, the freedom to peaceable protest, the free press and the freedom to express disagreement with the government.

Today’s left-wing fascism does not believe in free speech, nor freedom of religion, nor peaceful protest, nor free press, nor a freedom to disagree with government. This system of intolerance is creating a political atmosphere that isn’t based in engaging differing ideas but in shutting down the debate entirely. Cancel culture has become so pervasive that many Americans often find themselves self-censoring for fear of what might happen to them if they express an unpopular opinion or even express skepticism of a woke truism. If the American citizenry cannot freely express itself without fear of retribution, the premise of our American democratic republic begins to crumble.

What differentiates the United States of America from the rest of the world – and what has been key to our peace and prosperity – is the stabilizing force of freedom. If we’re no longer free to congregate, to speak, to worship or to choose what news we read or watch, we’ve lost our freedom and all the benefits that come with it. The Unsilenced Majority promotes peaceful, free and open expression so that left-wing hate and intolerance does not destroy our nation. Cancel culture is perhaps the biggest threat from within that we face as a country. A tolerant, truly free political dialogue is the key to securing American society from irreversible decline.

The organization also highlights the rise in firings for political activity and publicly shared opinions, the rise of cancel culture in education and left-wing fascism on campus, and woke corporatism — as seen with Coca Cola, Starbucks and Nike’s public support for left-wing movements like Black Lives Matter.

In Canada, Rebel News has itself been the subject of cancel culture with its YouTube channel demonetized and its access to PayPal cut off.

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