No catastrophe in open Alberta four weeks after reopening

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In this clip from yesterday's livestream, David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid took a look at Alberta's new COVID protocols.

After David brought up about going “full Florida” instead of following Kenney's current schedule, Sheila added

“Like the virus checks the calendar. But I guess they have to set an arbitrary point to this. And instead of this being good news, if you checked in on social media yesterday, the 'professional T.V. doctors' were losing their minds. They were really cheering for a catastrophe, here in Alberta.

“And the fact that we basically reopened all the businesses and everything on July 1 — and here we are, what's this, the 28th? Four weeks later, no catastrophe, everybody's fine, hospitalization rates are way down... so nobody even cares about case counts.

“Case counts are just people who get the sniffles, if indeed they even get the sniffles...”

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