No papers, no problem: Edmonton tattoo parlour says We Won't Ask

Dan Lefebvre, the owner of Prima Tattoo Collective in Edmonton, Alberta, tells Sheila Gunn Reid why his business is saying We Won't Ask when it comes to vaccination status.

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Dan Lefebvre is the owner of Prima Tattoo Collective in Edmonton, Alberta and he is proud to say that his shop isn't going to ask if clients have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Dan stuck one of Rebel News' beautiful “We Won't Ask” decals in the front window of his tattoo shop as a friendly signal to the world that he will serve anyone regardless of sex, race, religion or vaccination status.

The sticker is also a great way for conscientious objectors to vaccine segregation to opt-out of participating in the medical societal division wherever they can. If you'd like a decal for your door, let us know at

Tattoo artists are already well trained in comprehensive blood-born pathogen protocols. They know how to protect against HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and a number of other dangerous diseases. They are constantly inspected to prove they are maintaining strict standards in their shops. COVID-19 is just another disease Dan and his team will keep their clients safe from.

Dan has been put through the wringer by government-imposed restrictions on his business and the hit to the bottom line prevents him from being as charitable in his community as he would like — he normally raises thousands of dollars each year for organizations that feed and clothe the poor and help people fight their drug addictions. But being a medical voyeur on behalf of the government is a bridge too far.

If you are a small business owner willing to take a stand for privacy, let us know at

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