No Vaccine Passport petition: signed, sealed and delivered to Premier Doug Ford

David Menzies drops off a present for Premier Doug Ford: more than 125,000 signatures against vaccine passports delivered to Ontario's legislature.

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In what is surely one of the largest petitions to be delivered to the Ontario legislature, we recently visited Queen’s Park in Toronto to let Premier Doug Ford know that many of you — more than 125,000 of you, in fact — are not happy with the vaccine passport initiative that is set to come into effect in Ontario on Sept. 22.

It is especially galling that this is going to be a fact of life for Ontarians given that the premier himself, just weeks before his odious announcement, dismissed the very idea of such a vax passport, stating that he did not want to create a two-tier citizenship system for the residents of Ontario.

Well, faster than you can say “medical apartheid,” someone or something got to the province’s most famous cherry cheesecake enthusiast, and true to form, Ford did a spectacular 180.

But why? How did “the science” suddenly change in only a matter of weeks? Is Doug taking the advice of his imaginary child-friend Arthur again?

Well, if the premier cares to leaf through the more than 1,500 pages of names that are on the petition, he’ll notice that there are more residents in the province than just the media mean girls and the health-care bureaucracy elitists. That there are people who don’t want to get the COVID-19 jabs in order to go to the gym or a movie or a sports game or an indoor restaurant. That there are people who don’t want to inject themselves with an experimental vaccine so that they do not get fired from their place of employment. That there are people who subscribe to “my body, my choice” for issues other than aborting a baby.

Hopefully Doug Ford will gaze upon the thousands of names taking a stand against his latest flip-flop, and hopefully he will modify his behaviour in the months ahead, acting more like his late, great brother Rob — i.e., saying what he means and meaning what he says.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Rebel News

PETITION: No Vaccine Passports

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Goal: 2,250,000 Signatures

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