NZ Herald promotes drag queen fundraiser to battle Destiny Church

Thousands have already been raised through a Givealittle crowd-funding campaign promoted by the newspaper to counter Destiny Church.

NZ Herald promotes drag queen fundraiser to battle Destiny Church
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The New Zealand Herald has thrown its weight behind a Givealittle crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds to fight Destiny Church, which is embroiled in a $2 million defamation lawsuit filed by drag performers Sunita Torrance and Daniel Lockett.

Torrance and Lockett, who perform under the names Coco and Erika Flash, took their grievances to the High Court in Auckland on Thursday, accusing Destiny Church and its leader Brian Tamaki of defamation, breach of contract, conspiracy to injure, and unlawful means conspiracy.

Torrance, accompanied by barrister Christopher Griggs, expressed her dismay at the impact Destiny Church’s protests have had on their performances.

"Our rainbow storytime was a hit," Torrance claimed. She described the opposition as a "crusade against us and our act," which has "badly impacted my business."

Erika Flash has since relocated to London, claiming the move was due to "threats" and show cancellations in New Zealand.

"This is not just about business; this is about hate speech versus free speech," Torrance claimed.

The legal battle revolves around the cancellation of multiple shows, with Haus of Flash Limited asserting that Destiny Church’s actions led to breaches of contract.

Tamaki's position resonated with his followers, likening drag queen storytime to “the wolf dressed as granny waiting for [Little] Red Riding Hood” and labelled it as “foul predator behaviour,” “grooming,” and “targeting our innocent kids with their filth.”

Upper Hutt saw a drag king storytime cancelled this week following strong opposition. The Church has a history of standing up for conservative values.

The New Zealand Herald has come under fire in recent years over the level of left-wing bias in its reporting.

Destiny Uncut: New documentary coming soon!

Aussie reporter Avi Yemini and Head of Documentaries Kian Simone have landed in New Zealand for Rebel News' latest documentary. They have embedded themselves in Brian Tamaki's Destiny Church to tell the other side of the story that the mainstream media don't want to touch. Destiny is no stranger to controversy and neither is Brian. For years they have fought against woke culture and corrupt governments while supporting worldwide freedom movements. The documentary serves as a testament to Brian’s fight for freedom in New Zealand, it is something the world will be inspired from.

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