Ontario medical regulators continue to impede direct patient care

Experienced Ontario general practitioner and psychotherapist details how treating COVID patients and those suffering from vaccine injury are similar, but regulators continue to interfere in the process.

Ontario regulators continue to impede direct patient care
Rumble/ National Citizen Inquiry CA
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Doctor Edward Leyton came out of retirement to assist with the COVID response in early 2020. As a general practitioner psychotherapist, he has decades worth of direct patient care under his belt.

Dr. Leyton began treating patients – who felt hopeless and were terrified by the mainstream narrative – with a repurposed drug, ivermectin, which he says the literature clearly supported.

Post-viral syndrome or "long COVID" was happening during this time, in conjunction with the vaccine rollout, making it difficult for physicians to decipher if patients were suffering from a severe COVID infection or a vaccine injury.

Both are chronic illnesses, says Dr. Leyton. “Essentially we have an inflammatory process that seems to be occurring and we have to correct that,” he explains.

Dr. Leyton says that the approach using re-purposed drugs has been thwarted by various regulatory colleges when they launched investigations into those prescribing, and fulfilling, ivermectin prescriptions.

"The healthcare system is not addressing these [chronic] issues," asserts Dr. Leyton. 

As a result, Dr. Leyton and colleagues have opened a private clinic to fill the gap that the consistently overburdened system is not delivering.

The public system has all kinds of problems – they don’t have enough physicians, healthcare workers, they’re short of money, they don’t have enough beds. We’re trying to fill that gap. We’re not trying to replace the public healthcare system, we’re trying to fill that gap.

The clinic – Canadian Covid Telehealth – have been using best practice treatment for COVID infections since late 2021.

The smear merchants at Canada’s state-funded mainstream media outlets disseminated news reports against the clinic shortly thereafter, calling treatments such as ivermectin “unapproved.” The same article mentions the “approval” (which is actually emergency use authorization) of novel pharmaceutical drug, Paxlovid, as the correct route for COVID treatment at home.  

“The government is not happy with us at the moment,” says Dr. Leyton.

It’s not helpful to have a college [i.e. the CPSO] that is punitive, that shames people – shames physicians – for trying to help patients… the policies that have been put forward by the government, in regards to the vaccine for examples, have been completely unconscionable.

Discussing the future of publicly funded healthcare, Dr. Leyton says it doesn’t look good.

We had all kinds of chronic illness that were not being addressed by the public healthcare system, even before COVID. I practiced complimentary medicine for 40 years using different approaches, like acupuncture and nutrition, trying to address some of these issues but the public health care system hasn’t really gotten on board with that and still isn’t. So it’s even worse now because we have a chronic illness that’s being ignored essentially, the vaccine injuries for example, and people aren’t getting treatment.

All of this has inevitably resulted in doctors disregarding patient concerns and prioritizing public health directive over individualized care, as the CPSO compelled physicians to unquestionably follow the mainstream COVID narrative. 

Going against public health advice meant that physicians would be putting the public at risk, as per the CPSO’s statement on public health misinformation in April 2021. “Physicians who put the public at risk may face an investigation by the CPSO and disciplinary action, when warranted,” the thinly veiled threat reads.

When this did not stop certain physicians from denouncing harmful policies and response measures, Former Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliott, meddled in the situation by urging the CPSO to “put an end” to doctors spreading what she coined as “misinformation” about the safety and efficacy of novel COVID-19 injections.

The ongoing medical malfeasance at the hands of regulators upholding unprecedented, knee-jerk pandemic responses (while disregarding previously well established response protocols), continues to hinder direct patient care and degrade trust in the publicly funded medical system.

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