Principled Ontario physician has medical license revoked after standing up to the COVID regime

Dr. Phillips upheld an unwavering and principled stance that COVID-related public health measures were harming patients; his advocacy has ultimately led to the revocation of his medical license.

Principled Ontario physician has medical license revoked after standing up to the COVID regime
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Former emergency room physician Dr. Patrick Phillips has had his license to practice medicine in Ontario stripped by his regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

“Yesterday, I had the privilege of finally entering a plea of no contest in my case with the CPSO,” Phillips took to Twitter to explain.

A plea of no contest is made when the defendant does not want to admit guilt, yet does not dispute the charges.

Phillips was charged with multiple counts of professional misconduct and was ultimately declared incompetent by the same regulator that compelled the speech of medical professionals and held firm that all licensed physicians must unquestionably cling to COVID-related public health measures.

Phillips thanked his lawyer, Michael Alexander, and wished his colleagues Doctors Luchkiw and Trozzi well as they continue their legal fight for constitutional rights at the CPSO.

In upholding morality and ethical standards, Dr. Phillips began speaking on social media about the harms lockdowns were causing the residents of his community, including those coming into his local emergency department in northern Ontario.

Phillips became more well known after he publicly denounced the heavily filtered, bureaucratic, red tape riddled vaccine adverse events reporting system – calling it a risk to public safety.

He noted that public health depends on broad surveillance systems to determine post market safety and if the information is not being adequately inputted, then this hinders informed consent – especially when the novel injections were licensed under rolling submissions that require real-time data collection to establish safety on a rolling basis.

Other physicians whose licenses have been targeted by the CPSO allege that the college engages in criminal activity for treatment that they may not agree with.

It’s a decades old issue, as published in a report by Justice Michael Code titled ‘Medicine in Ontario needs “Glasnost.”’

It is now well established that the COVID-19 response inflicted more harm than it prevented and if so, skeptical doctors were right to question the narrative.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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