When will health regulators follow the science? An update with Dr. Trozzi

Dr. Mark Trozzi was one of the earliest Canadian COVID response skeptics and his investigations into the handlings of the pandemic are far from over.

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In this interview, Dr. Mark Trozzi provides an update on the safety concerns he continues to have following the mass administration of COVID-19 mRNA injections around the world.

As one of the first physicians to speak out against the COVID narrative that unfolded simultaneously on a global scale, Dr. Trozzi remains up to speed on the latest data and science. For being skeptical of the response and noting the harms of the injections early on, Trozzi and his colleagues like him face reprimand and disciplinary action by their medical regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

Dr. Trozzi refers back to his own blog post where he investigates some of the dangerous mechanisms involved in the novel mRNA injection.

Expressing further concerns on the topic of ingredients, Dr. Trozzi mentions that pegylated nanoparticles have been around for decades but only used in experimental brain cancer treatment. In a previous report, I interviewed a former Health Canada regulator who expressed concerns over this unstable, unregulated ingredient. On the topic, Dr. Trozzi says:

“What’s special about pegylated nanoparticles is that whatever you put into it [in this case, mRNA encoded spike protein], will go everywhere in the body. It crosses the blood-brain barrier. It crosses the placental barrier. If you inject a pregnant woman with pegylated nanoparticles, whatever is in those particles will show up in the brain of the baby that isn’t even born. So what did they put into the particles? Genetic material which causes the human cells to manufacture the toxin which is the spike protein of a coronavirus – the most toxic part of a spike protein.”

Dr. Trozzi challenges that this should have been known because of previously conducted peer-reviewed research showing the harms of inhaled spike protein in hamsters.

All of this is further reinforced by the seemingly overlooked but extremely concerning increases in all-cause mortality seen in countries with high COVID-19 injection rates that can be easily contrasted against Africa’s low death rate and low vaccination uptake.

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