Ontario school boards soliciting sexual information about children through perverse surveys

Boards looking for 'raw data' are administering these grotesque surveys in the classroom to ensure a 'high response rate.'

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Various school boards across Ontario are soliciting the sexual preferences of young students through in-classroom surveys, sometimes unbeknownst to parents and guardians.

One survey is referred to as a Student Census and the other is called a School Climate Survey. No, they do not mean climate as in the alarmist global warming narrative, but rather the general school environment and how everyone feels in the classroom and at school.

A viewer previously informed me that certain school boards were soliciting the gender identity and sexual orientation of young school-aged children in a data collection initiative undertaken at school.

It was discovered through an Access to Information Request (ATIP) that this data collection initiative costs Ontario taxpayers at least $2.5 million.

That ATIP led to the further discovery that the line of questioning about gender identity and sexual orientation in the Student Census was explicitly meant to be sent home for parents and guardians to complete, email communications show.

Yet in some instances, school boards bypassed that parental protection and went ahead and conducted this information-gathering exercise largely unbeknownst to parents and guardians.

The Student Census is developed and implemented by a division of the Ministry of Education referred to as the Education Equity Secretariat.

The School Climate Survey is developed and implemented by the Indigenous Education and Well-Being Division.

That’s what Equity Secretariat Patrick Case told me during our phone conversation, a report that you can find here.

However, the two surveys are extremely similar and appear interchangeable. While one was meant to go home to parents, the other was completed at school for children in grades 4-12. Although, viewer tips detail that some of the census’ were completed in the classroom, without parental oversight or knowledge.

Some forms detailing the School Climate Survey stated that it is required by the Ministry of Education.

Yet Education Officer Michele Reaume clarifies that “district school boards were to encourage families to fill out the voluntary climate survey.”

When inquiring with one schoolboard about the delivery of the Climate Survey, an employee shared with me that “the goal was to try and get a high response rate,” and if students had taken the survey home, “the response rate would likely have been a lot lower.”

“We were looking for data. Raw data,” she explains.

Upon further questioning, the employee appears concerned about opinions.

“To me, it comes down to opinion. You’re saying that this is not an appropriate question for a Grade Four [student] to answer. Our board, our senior team, may not feel the same was as you. Everybody has differing opinions,” she says.

Why do the opinions of the senior team at the school board supersede that of parents? Why do they think that parents should not be consulted on this line of questioning and data collection initiative?

This is a massive information harvesting exercise and it’s planting seeds in the impressionable and imaginative minds of children at perversely young ages – at ages when they shouldn’t have a care in the world about identity politics or have the slightest clue about what they’re attracted to sexually.

At the end of the day, what does any of this have to do with delivering education? Does the school need to know any of this information to adequately deliver educational services to students?

As a parent, are you aware that this is happening to varying degrees at your child’s school, now, and are you okay with it?

If not, sign our petition and send an e-mail to Education Minister Stephen Lecce to share your disapproval at Stop Classroom Grooming.com.

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