“Open for good”: Jason Kenney and the great vaccine passport backtrack

Alberta's premier made a lot of lofty statements about vaccine passports never coming to the province — and now they're here. What's driving Premier Kenney's decision making? Sheila Gunn Reid joins Ezra Levant.

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney once promised that vaccine passports were never going to come to the province. In fact, passports were so off the table that Kenney said he wasn't even sure what a vaccine passport was, and thought the concept of it sounded illegal.

But people change, and so it was that Kenney, just weeks after his main provincial rival, NDP leader Rachel Notley, called for increased restrictions, Kenney relented and went back on his promise that Alberta was “open for good.”

Rebel Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid joined a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss this decision by Premier Kenney and what the rationale for flip-flop was.

Sheila speculated:

Is he being leaned on quite heavily by the public sector unions — the health-care unions, the enormous, powerful health-care union — maybe.

I was just looking at the numbers before I jumped on the call here with you, Alberta spends more than any other province in the entire country on health care delivery. Thousands of dollars more per capital than they do in Saskatchewan and socialist British Columbia.

And yet we have far worse outcomes and we have a health-care system, if you believe the premier and you believe the health-care unions, that is on the verge of collapse for an extra dozen or two ICU patients. I mean, that's crazy. 

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