Our COVID immunity testing experiment has outlasted Jason Kenney's vaccine passport!

It's our four-month check-in report.

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Happy anniversary! Today is the fourth month of our Rebel News immunity testing experiment wherein my longtime friend and I submit ourselves to expensive private serological testing to prove how unscientific and cruel vaccine-based segregation is.

We started a project 16 weeks ago that requires expensive blood work at a private lab in Edmonton. One of the test subjects in our sample size of two had a prior COVID-19 infection and recovered and the other one is doubled jabbed and probably two boosters behind the government/Pfizer salesman recommendations for safely living a life in the post-pandemic era.

We wanted to know who had more and could retain their COVID-19 antibodies for longer: the jabbed or the naturally immune.

We both started off four months ago with a baseline of greater than 250 units of COVID-19 spike protein antibodies, the highest the company we use, Ichor, tests for. It's the same level as someone who is recently fully vaccinated.

And four months in, our numbers remain just as high as the first time we tested.

We had equal immunity levels, and yet, for a time here in Alberta, only one of us was part of the biomedical privileged class, able to dine out, go to the gym, watch a hockey game, or catch a movie. And although the vaccine passport discrimination system was rightly euthanized here in Wildrose Country in the middle of February, proof of vaccination remains the thing keeping a certain so-called unclean class of Canadians from flying or taking a train inside their own nation by decree of Justin Trudeau.

It's sick and sad to see innocent, healthy people treated as pariahs.

The reason we started — and will continue — this little undertaking is to prove that a vaccine passport was never meant to keep anyone safe from a disease, but rather served to coerce, shame, bully and exclude people who chose a different path forward for themselves.

The Alberta government will not allow Albertans access to this test so that they can decide for themselves if they need a vaccine or a booster as efficacy diminishes, which means we have to incur hundreds of dollars in costs every month to show you with our own bloodwork how unfairly the unvaccinated are treated.

To support our out-of-pocket research costs, please visit RebelInvestigates.com.

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