Pandemic restrictions are gone: it's time to Drop The Tickets

With public health restrictions being lifted across Canada, it's time to grant amnesty to those who were given COVID charges over the past two years.

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The COVID mandates are falling in jurisdictions all across the country, so why are people still being prosecuted as public health scofflaws?

It's time to drop the tickets!

It's time to stop the harassment and punishment of peaceful Canadians for the crimes of opening their churches, welcoming diners into their restaurants, cutting hair, doing nails, letting people lift weights, and gathering together to celebrate, to protest, to pray or to grieve.

These activities are all now perfectly legal in many places without restriction. And these things never should have been outlawed in the name of public health in the first place.

People have a right to earn a living, to worship as they see fit and to associate with one another.

People have a right, and always have, to be able to go to the store without having to explain why they don't have a piece of cloth over their face to a total stranger. We have a right to privacy.

But otherwise lawful Canadians, pastors and parents, grandparents and gym owners, protesters and pizza shop owners, shoppers and sun worshippers, have been issued expensive fines, summonses and tickets over the past two years for running afoul of the ever-changing COVID regulatory regime.

There is no reason for governments to continue to pursue these tickets in the name of public health.

None of these instances became the dangerous superspreader events they were predicted to be by unelected, unaccountable health bureaucrats and political control freaks.

It's a vindictive money grab against peaceful people that politicians resent because they could not bring these so-called COVID scofflaws to their knees in front of the altar of the state. That's all it is. And it has to end.

That's why I have a petition calling for a COVID ticket amnesty at It's for the whole country, but we will make sure we deliver a copy to every justice minister in each of the provinces and territories across the country.

Please sign and share our petition calling for a COVID fine amnesty at and we will do the rest!

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Drop All Lockdown Charges

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Goal: 50,000 Signatures

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

Email Premier Danielle Smith

Fill out the form on this page to send an email directly to Premier Danielle Smith calling on her to grant amnesty to anyone who received a lockdown ticket, Infrastructure Act charges, criminal charges, and contempt of court.

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