Patrick Brown UPDATE — We launched a legal complaint with Brampton’s Integrity Commissioner

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Surely by now, you’d think that politicians and bureaucrats would know that we at Rebel News don’t bend the knee. Not for anyone. You can ban us and banish us; you can “trespass” us; you can call security guards and police on us... We’re not going away. We fight back.

And so it is our battle continues regarding Patrick Brown, the mayor of Brampton, who seemingly believes he is exempt from his own city’s bylaws in this dark age of the Wuhan virus.

We know that because we caught Patrick Brown in the act last week, entering a Brampton arena that’s otherwise off limits to average folks, to play hockey with his buddies. When we asked him who was paying the $1,000 a day to keep the rink iced, and why he felt he was exempt from his own laws, Brown (who wasn’t wearing a mask, by the way) quickly fled the scene — leaving his hockey bag behind.

Then he fired off some tweets after our video went viral — and outright lied about what happened.

Incredibly, after our video went up, the Stage 3 rules for using Brampton facilities “magically” changed, to try to make Brown’s behaviour a-ok.

So our legal eagle, Aaron Rosenberg, fired off a letter to Paul Morrison, the Director of By-Law Enforcement in Brampton.

WATCH the video to hear our legal response to the shenanigans Brown is involved in, and please visit to help us cover the cost of this legal letter!

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