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People vs. Predators pushing for tougher legislation against child sex offenders

PVP founders Mike Meilleur and Cheri Easton want systemic change to the legal system in Canada, which would include mandatory sentencing guidelines for those who commit sexual crimes against children.

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People Versus Predators is a volunteer organization that is working hard to keep communities and kids safe through education and awareness while asking for legislative change to have the same sort of sentencing and release system already in place for those who commit sexual crimes against adults.

Saturday afternoon, PVP founders Mike Meilleur and Cheri Easton were at the Alberta legislature grounds braving the cold and wind to bring awareness about a recidivist pedophile Curtis Poboran and his extensive history harming kids in Edmonton.

Poburan has offended over and over again while on bail for previous offences and that's what Mike and Cheri are trying to change. They want Poburan to be designated a dangerous offender which would make his release far less likely.

When an offender or alleged offender is released into a community, Mike, Cheri and their small army of dedicated volunteers begin gathering signatures on local petitions which they then present to crown prosecutors as evidence of community concerns, a tertiary consideration during bail hearings. These petitions have worked to have bail revoked or altered three out of four times.

But Mike and Cheri want systemic change to the legal system in Canada, where making bail for suspected child sex offenders is currently easier than ever. They want mandatory restrictions on the proximity of released offenders or alleged offenders to schools and playgrounds. They want mandatory sentencing guidelines akin to the kind applied to those who offend against adults.

And they want politicians to step up and do the right thing for the children of Canada.


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