PETA founder bequeaths body parts to world leaders upon death

Animal rights activist Ingrid Newkirk takes radical step in her will to highlight international animal abuses.

PETA founder bequeaths body parts to world leaders upon death
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The founder of animal rights group PETA has left a slice of her buttock to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in her will, to protest the mistreatment of sheep in Australia.

She has directed that other parts of her body be sent to various world leaders to demonstrate her displeasure at animal abuses.

British-American Ingrid Newkirk, 73, said she had written in her last will and testament that Albanese receive the slice of her bottom to remind him the practice of mulesing should be banned.

Mulesing is a painful procedure that involves cutting skin flaps from around a lamb’s tail to reduce the chances of blowfly infection.

Other posthumous donations from the aged activist include a slice of her neck for King Charles III to protest his love of pigeon racing, and a slice of her back being reserved for Egypt’s antiquities minister to protest the use of camels in building the pyramids.

Newkirk also directed that a piece of her heart be given to Elon Musk because “his cruel and deadly” experiments on monkeys indicated that he didn’t have a heart of his own.

PETA are best known for their dramatic protests at animal cruelty that are designed to shock.

Their most recent protest in Australia centres around a billboard in Rockhampton that says eating meat kills Koalas.

The billboard, designed to raise awareness about the harm land clearing does to local koala habitats, has upset farmers in the town which is dominated by the beef industry.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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