Peter MacKay would give Quebec pipeline veto; all candidates weigh in

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The Conservative Party Leadership Debate showed Canadians a few things:

Firstly, that Derek Sloan was severely underestimated.

According to YouTube polls run by Rebel News, polling over 2,000 viewers of the debate, 50 per cent said that Sloan won the night.

Unfortunately, the Conservative Party gave exclusive access to the CBC, allowing only the state broadcaster to be physically in the room during the post-debate scrums.

Rebel News was relegated to the sidelines, but we are used to it. We waited outside of the room to chat with the candidates as they left the scrums, and the results were entertaining to say the least.

Leslyn Lewis spoke to us about her recent surge in the polls, Erin O’Toole spoke about Peter MacKay’s French/English flip-flop, Sloan talked about cancel culture, and Peter MacKay, well... he ran away. Seriously.

Peter MacKay, the statesman, fled as fast as his Nova Scotian feet could scoot him away.

See, in the French debate, MacKay said one thing, but wouldn't say it again in English:

In French, MacKay said that he wouldn't ram a pipeline through Quebec, saying that he would "never impose solutions" on the province, giving Quebec the power to maliciously deny the lifeline to Western Canada. That might be popular for Quebec, but that is a terrifying proposition to Alberta.

So we asked why. And his answer?

“I'll never impose solutions on the provinces as Mr. O'Toole says he will do. He says that there will be a pipeline across Quebec without consultation.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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