There is something rotten within Alberta Health Services (AHS), and the question is: can it be fixed?

With the onset of COVID-19, AHS bureaucrats stepped into the limelight and became unelected leaders to whom seemingly all politicians in the province bent their knee.

Shifting statistics; illogical restrictions, inconsistent enforcement; all of these Orwellian decisions by public health officials went unchallenged.

With challenges in the EMS system, ICU capacity limitations, annual spending, overpaid executives, and potential influence from the World Economic Forum, it's clear our current system isn't working.

So over the coming months, I plan to poke, prod, and explore Alberta Health Services, leaving no stone unturned.

If you have information on Alberta Health Services practices or dealings that you think might benefit our investigations, please send those details to [email protected]. You can also help by signing my petition on this page and by sending an email to Alberta’s Health Minister, Jason Copping.

I need your help to fix the mess that is Alberta Health Services.