Poilievre slams Trudeau, promises to 'Axe the Tax' at Toronto rally

'We know everything Trudeau has said about the carbon tax has so far been false,' stated the Conservative Party leader.

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Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre spoke to thousands of attendees during his "Spike the Hike, Axe the Tax" rally in Etobicoke, Ont. yesterday afternoon.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd at the Toronto Congress Centre, Poilievre offered a message of hope to Canadians being negatively impacted by the Trudeau Liberals' so-called "price on pollution."

"Common-sense Conservatives will not just axe the tax, we will repatriate farm production to our country so that we can feed our people and stand on our feet. Bring. It. Home!" he stated.

Poilievre criticized the prime minister's claim that the carbon tax actually puts more money back into the pockets of Canadians through its rebates.

"Remember when he said it would make you better off? He said there'd be this rinky dink little cheque you'd get in the mail that would make it alright," said Poilievre.

He then brought a grandmother on stage who previously spoke with Trudeau about how expensive it was to heat her home and the carbon tax at a townhall meeting.

Although Trudeau assured her his carbon tax would make everything OK, she explained, "It was nothing but a photo-op. He told me to focus on spoiling my grandkids. I haven't been able to visit them in three years because his carbon tax costs me over $200 a month. Axe the tax!"

The Conservative leader has made removing the carbon tax one of the primary focuses of his campaign, pointing to increased food and fuel costs being unsustainable for working-class Canadians.

Many Canadians appear to agree with Poilievre's assertions about the tax. As reported by the Toronto Star, polling from Abacus Data shows that in Ontario — a primarily Liberal province — 45% of respondents believe the carbon tax is a bad policy while only 37% think it is a good policy.

Furthermore, 49% of respondents in Atlantic provinces think it is a bad policy while just 31% believe it is a good policy according to the polling.

Despite this lack of support for the carbon tax, the Trudeau Liberals are set to increase it by $15 per tonne on April 1. As reported in the National Post, almost 70% of Canadians oppose this latest tax-hike according to recent polling.

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