BREAKING: Victoria Police DROP incitement charges against Monica Smit

Victoria's Director of Public Prosecutions decides to discontinue incitement charges

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In a stunning backflip, Victoria Police have dropped all incitement charges against Reignite Democracy Australia's Monica Smit.

Smit was arrested in September last year with harsh bail conditions which she refused to sign leading to a 22-day stint in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison.

She was later released after her appeal on the conditions was successful.

Smit today announced the news, including the statement which read:

“The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided to discontinue the incitement charges on the basis that there is no longer a public interest in pursuing these matters, given the time Ms Smit has already spent in custody. For the same reason, the s 465AA order (password warrant) will not be enforced.“

It was alleged Smit encouraged more than 180,000 social media followers to break Melbourne’s draconian lockdown rules by attending a protest in the CBD.

"This is fantastic news," an elated Smit said in a YouTube video announcing the news to her supporters.

"I want to use this as an opportunity to thank every single person that donated financially or just even sent their love through the atmosphere to me because the fact that I had your support and the funding to continue fighting is part of the reason why I think they dropped the charges."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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