'Premier Smith is doing what Albertans want their premier to do': Franco Terrazzano

The new premier is challenging Prime Minister Trudeau's carbon tax, and as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's Franco Terrazzano says, this is exactly what Albertans want.

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You'll never believe it, Rebel News viewer. The carbon tax is set to rise yet again in 2023. But don't worry, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau always reminds us, the rebate from the tax puts more money back in Canadians' pockets.

Alberta's new premier, Danielle Smith, has challenged the prime minister over the issue, calling on the federal government to axe the tax amid record inflation.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's Franco Terrazzano joined guest host David Menzies to discuss a previous United Conservative Party pledge and how the premier could fight back against bureaucrats both at home in Alberta and in Ottawa.

Focusing on Smith's challenge to Trudeau, Franco told David:

Premier Smith, she is right to stick up for Albertans against those money hungry politicians in Ottawa, but she has to go even further to protect Alberta taxpayers because she needs to protect Albertans from money hungry politicians at home.

And the best way for her to do that is to live up to a 2019 United Conservative election promise to expand the provincial taxpayer protection act to also include the carbon tax.

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