Race hustler Shaun King's little white lie: Nikolas Fernández turns himself in after Seattle shooting

A few days ago, 31-year-old Nikolas Fernández was caught on camera shooting a protestor from his driver's side window after driving into a crowd in Seattle.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we watched the cell phone footage twice — once with the hysterical commentary by the guy who took the video, and once more without it.

After he shot the protestor, Fernández left his car behind to search out a police officer to immediately confess: “I just had to shoot someone; they tried to jack my car”.

But race hustler Shaun King — who claims to be black, but he's actually white, like Rachel Dolezal — claimed on Twitter that the driver (Fernández) was a “known white supremacist” who was “clearly planning to run protestors in Seattle over.”