Notley throws out independent journalists from NDP press conference

State control of the media was rejected nearly a century ago in Alberta, but Rachel Notley is a bully who won't answer tough questions from independent journalists.

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The NDP leader who wants to be Alberta's next premier is a bully, a censor, and someone who forgets Albertans' history of fighting government overreach into the media.

On Monday at a Calgary campaign announcement, Rachel Notley, leader of the opposition New Democrats, had security remove Rebel News reporter Alex Dhaliwal and Counter Signal's Keean Bexte before taking questions from journalists.

A reporter for the Western Standard, though allowed inside the venue, was called "homophobic" and denied the ability to put a question to the former premier.

In 2016, Notley banned Rebel News journalists from press conferences before an investigation determined she had no constitutional authority to block media.

Earlier in the week, mainstream media, silent now as their independent colleagues are denied access to politicians, decried Premier Danielle Smith for limiting reporters to just one question and no follow-up.

The NDP called the move an attack on democracy and accountability.

Notley bragged about the questions she was taking from her approved and friendly media.

The Independent Press Gallery has called out Notley's ban and it was mocked by Smith's United Conservatives.

State control of the media was rejected nearly a century ago, when the Edmonton Journal won a Pulitzer Prize for the paper's successful battle with the Aberhart government against the forced publication of state-approved op-eds in response to criticism.

We are sending Rachel Notley a message, and so can you, by signing our petition at, to remind her again that it is not a politician's job to determine who is or isn't media.

The people and the market will decide, not some petty tyrant in Edmonton.

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