Radio is dying a slow death, and tuning into the CBC makes it clear why

Radio requires you to submit to the editorial preferences of the station, instead of curating your own music or news sources.

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how radio is fading into irrelevance, being overtaken by the ability of listeners to curate their own playlists and news sources.

"Why would you let someone else choose the news and opinion for you when you can so easily choose it for yourself?" Ezra asked. "Because you're in a habit, that's one reason. Maybe you actually trust the news anchor... maybe you just want to hear what other people are listening to... Although when 11 million people listen to, say, Joe Rogan's podcast, that could be a better barometer of what the world is listening to than and talking about than radio."

Ezra went on to discuss tuning into CBC recently to get a sense of the state broadcaster's editorial priorities.

The radio covered the war in Ukraine, but also stories about rain in Philadelphia and carbon dioxide emissions in the Amazon rainforest. The CBC is also covering Meta's boycott of Canadian news that follows the passage of Bill C-18, which requires social media companies to pay for linking to Canadian news content. 

"Of course, the CBC is a player and not just a reporter," Ezra noted. "It's quite something to hear the CBC which has monopolistic power and state funding complain about what they call a monopoly, Facebook. I don't like Facebook much, but at least I'm not forced to support it with my taxes like I am the CBC." 

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