REACTIONS: F1 driver slams Alberta's oil sands as 'climate crime'

Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel arrived at the Montreal Grand Prix last week sporting a t-shirt that read 'Stop Mining Tar Sands' and 'Canada's Climate Crime.'

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When four-time world champion Formula 1 racing driver Sebastian Vettel denounced Alberta’s oil sands as a “climate crime,” he outraged many Albertans.

While Vettel is showing his concern for Canada's so-called climate criminality, he seems unbothered by what some might consider his own. After all, he does spend all year flying first class around the world from one exotic locale to another to race high-emitting cars. This year's F1 circuit has stops in Spain, Monaco, Montreal, Italy, the United States, Australia, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.

We took to the streets of Edmonton to hear people’s reactions.

One resident chimed in saying, "I think it's very hypocritical, I mean he's made a fortune driving a vehicle that's powered by fossil fuels. So, you know, talk about the kettle calling the pot black."

Another resident shared his perspective saying, "Well I appreciate oil and gas when it gets down to -40, and he's a racecar driver, isn't that ironic? I would think so eh. Everyone's a critic and everyone wants to point fingers and such, but I'm pretty thankful for a warm apartment, and I'm pretty thankful for the industry. So everyone can be a critic all they want, but there's no substance to it right, so I don't pay attention to that."

An Edmonton resident also had this to say, "I think he's a hypocrite, I think he does not know what he's talking about."

It is clear that Edmontonians weren't too impressed with the F1 driver's antics leading up to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

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