REACTIONS: Safety plan aims to address chaos, violence, and drug use in Edmonton's Chinatown neighbourhood

'I've been in Edmonton for over 42 years. I've seen Chinatown thrive, and I've seen Chinatown falling, and this is the worst I have ever seen.'

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After numerous complaints of violence and mayhem in Edmonton’s downtown core, the province of Alberta took the unusual step of demanding that the city come up with a public safety plan.

The city recently produced that plan and business owners and patrons of its Chinatown neighbourhood are hoping to see improvements in the area.

Rebel News contributor Kerry Diotte visited Chinatown to talk to people there who are hopeful the plan might end some of the chaos in the community. Some remain skeptical and blame Edmonton’s left-leaning city council for exacerbating crime, having voted to “defund police” by chopping nearly $11 million from the annual police budget.

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