• By Ezra Levant

Sign our petition to bring freedom-loving Hong Kong refugees to Canada

Let's bring real political refugees into Canada: The protesters in Hong Kong fighting for freedom. Please sign our petition if you agree Canada should be accepting these men and women.

You may have heard that about the Hong Kong protesters who are fighting for freedom and standing up to the Chinese military government. 

I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times now and I have to say, despite it being in China, it’s a great, vibrant, cosmopolitan city. But I fear it may change.

These protesters are fighting for democratic rights and they’re great. Unlike Trudeau’s Syrian refugees — who haven’t integrated and most don’t even speak English — the Hong Kong protesters have a deep commitment to Western values.

They believe in free speech, independent courts, the rule of law and more. They bring those things that Trudeau’s refugees don’t. They’re well educated and ready and able to contribute to the Candian economy.

They would also be a counterweight to the communist mainland Chinese immigrants in Canada. I think it would be very useful to have some freedom-loving Hong Kong Chinese here in Canada to stand up for values we all believe in. 

So we’ve started a petition, and it’s a little bit strange for us because Rebel News has been saying that we should put a pause on refugees. But I think for the reasons I’ve listed, if we’re going to be accepting thousands of refugees anyway, why don’t we take these refugees, from Hong Kong?

There’s likely no Jihadists coming from Hong Kong. They all speak English and they all have skills. These are the kinds of refugees that Canada needs. 

Let’s bring over some people who actually love the Canadian way of life. Let them come and help make Canada great. Let them strengthen our own resolve for freedom and democracy.

If you agree and think that Canada should bring some Hong Kong refugees to Canada, sign our petition.