Rebel News arrives in Leeuwarden, where Dutch farmers protest outside government building

'They don't need our nitrogen, they need our land.' Rebel News has arrived in the Netherland and is ready to give you an accurate reporting of the Farmers' protests currently occurring all across the country.

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After the Dutch government pandered to the radical demands of the World Economic Forum (WEF), farmers and protesters all across the nation have decided that they have had enough of Schwab's plans to eradicate their agricultural sector.

According to protesters that were interviewed, Prime Minister Mark Rutte's policies would absolutely destroy the Dutch economy and the farming industry. However, Rutte continues to allege that his focus is on climate change, and that his plan will tackle just that. 

Farmers across the country are now rebelling against these government actions.

Rebel News reporters Lewis Brackpool and Lincoln Jay are on the ground in Holland and will be covering the demonstrations.

They have been in the thick of these protests since their arrival in the country. They connected with farmers who blockaded provincial government buildings and attempted to confront politicians about these policies in person.

The same Dutch farmer that appeared to lead the exchange with the politicians told Rebel News that "[they] have a big problem here in Holland." 

"If they want to go on, they will reduce 50% of all farmers here at home," he claimed. "And that's only the farming, but the truck drivers are going to come down, [the] industry is going to come down, mechanics are going to come down, everything is going down."

Multiple farmers and truckers spoke to Rebel News and gave their take on the consequences of the WEF's climate plans. Most appeared worried and sounded like the time to act was now.

For the full report, make sure to view the video above. And to stay up-to-date with Rebel News' coverage of the farmers' rebellion, visit 

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