Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2022: Dr. Roger Hodkinson

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Starting his speech off on a lighter note, Dr. Roger Hodkinson joked that he was frightened for his speech to be sandwiched between former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford and National Post founder Conrad Black.

Cutting to the chase — and continuing the light-hearted tone — Dr. Hodkinson outlined how he had 30 minutes to give his speech, and he intended to use every single second of it to “scare the s*** out of you.”

Looking at Rebel News LIVE! as a whole, Dr. Hodkinson said the essence of the event was to gain greater knowledge of the issues we face so that we can then share that information with more people.

“Each of us has to fight our own battles to get that messaging out there,” Dr Hodkinson said.

With the jokes aside, Hodkinson described how the pandemic has been a catastrophe and that this is when people need to act. He described himself as “viscerally outraged,” and is seeking vengeance through the courtroom.

The restrictions imposed on society in the name of public health — none of it worked, Dr. Hodkinson says. Upon examination of the evidence, Dr. Hodkinson explained that nothing in the past suggested these restrictions would work, which is exactly what happened.

“The idiots were running the asylum,” he said. “Commonsense, this time around, was ignored.”

The doctor was critical of the rushed production and rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly the mRNA varieties offered by Pfizer and Moderna, saying that they'll never be able to keep up with a continually evolving respiratory virus.

“All the COVID shots failed,” Hodkinson said. “Predictably.”

Hodkinson also touched on the controversial gain of function research that potentially led to the COVID-19 virus leaking from a lab in Wuhan, China and the long-term consequences of potential gene editing through mRNA.

Suggesting that now is the time to embrace independence because of the failures of previously-trusted establishments, Dr. Hodkinson, in closing, quoted Napoleon Bonaparte: “never stop your enemy from screwing up, it makes them easier to beat.”

Watch a five minute teaser of Dr. Hodkinson's speech below:

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