Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023: Avi Yemini

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Travelling from Australia to Canada is a long trip, and the news business is a fast and ever-evolving world. Stories can break at any moment, and, naturally, this sometimes makes planning for the future a little complicated.

Such was the case for Chief Australia Correspondent Avi Yemini, who has travelled from Australia to Israel, then to the United Kingdom and all the way back Down Under.

With so much happening in Australia, Avi was unfortunately unable to make the trek across the world to Alberta for Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023. But that didn't stop him from sending a special message to those who did turn out for the event.

Hear Avi explain what it was like covering the Israel-Hamas conflict and why he felt it was so important for him to be there on the ground reporting.

Watch a free teaser of the speech below, or the full speech above. To relive our entire Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023 event, click here.

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