Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023: Jeff Rath

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Jeff Rath is a constitutional lawyer based in Alberta who also serves as Vice President General Counsel to the Alberta Prosperity Project (APP).

Rath spoke about APP's mission to educate all Albertans, regardless of their political affiliations, about the benefits of Alberta separating from Canada.

Rath criticized the perceived economic mismanagement by the government in Ottawa, particularly under Prime Minister Trudeau. He expressed frustration with policies such as running a large national debt, causing inflation, and disregarding fiscal responsibility.

Rath added, "The best way for Albertans to protect themselves from this foolishness is to seriously consider strengthening the Sovereignty Act that's been brought in by Premier Smith and bringing in legislation that requires a referendum in Alberta every five years to coincide with the renewal of equalization."

Watch a free teaser of the speech below, or the full speech above. To relive our entire Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023 event, click here.

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