Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023: Rodney Palmer

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Former CBC journalist Rodney Palmer spoke about different forms of censorship at this year's Rebel News LIVE! event in Calgary, Alberta.

Having worked within the mainstream media for over 20 years, Mr. Palmer is able to share his unique insights into the inner-workings of some of the largest outlets in Canada.

As stated by Mr. Palmer, "Censorship is a superweapon against people, against humans, against democracies, against the citizens who vote governments into power. It is the one thing they have against us, and without it they have nothing."

"I think media censorship, institutional censorship, and government censorship is what we've been experiencing over the last few years. All of it really could be government censorship, but it does play out in a few different ways," added Mr. Palmer.

Watch a free teaser of the speech below, or the full speech above. To relive our entire Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023 event, click here.

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