Rebel Roundup: People vs. Predators, Calgary “art” propaganda and more

What happens when the justice system fails Canadians by releasing paedophiles into communities? Well, some people are literally confronting these freed monsters, naming and shaming them. Sheila Gunn Reid has some awesome video evidence on that front.

There’s this beautiful mural in Calgary that some people wanted to deface with Black Lives Matter propaganda. Quick, call the mayor! Um, just one hitch – he actually supported this ludicrous social justice scheme until a huge outcry derailed the desecration. Keean Bexte has all the details.

And finally: We get your letters every minute of every day. I’ll share some of your responses regarding my visit to Cobourg, Ontario last Saturday. It was all about reclaiming beach freedom there in a legal fashion – but then law enforcement showed up and all heck broke loose. Just wait’ll you see that footage!