Roadblock: Ambassador Bridge protesters on why they've formed a blockade

The Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge is now completely (as opposed to partially) shutdown by truckers and their allies. But for how much longer?

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Earlier this week, we ventured to Windsor, Ont., to check out the latest — and most financially significant — trucker protest in Canada. On Monday evening, several truckers parked their 18-wheelers on the Ambassador Bridge, eventually forcing the bridge to close.

Several hours later, the trucks moved off the bridge, but some of the big rigs as well as several cars, pickup trucks and campers blockaded the Ambassador Bridge offramp to Windsor. That meant vehicle traffic coming from the U.S. to Canada was completely shut down.

Then, on Wednesday night, the blockade extended to the bridge’s Windsor to Detroit on-ramp, effectively closing down the bridge entirely.

Par for the course, Windsor’s peaceful protesters continue to get vilified by government officials and those nabobs of negativity employed in the mainstream media. Indeed, it is now fashionable in some circles to call the Windsor demonstrators “economic terrorists” given that an estimated $450 million in goods is being prevented from crossing the bridge on a daily basis.

Yet, when it comes to “economic terrorism”, why was the government and the mainstream media so easy on those protesters who took part in the railway blockades of 2020?

Those illegal blockades went on for several weeks costing the Canadian economy billions of dollars. Yet, why weren’t these demonstrators vilified and demonized? Why was there such a laissez-faire attitude when it came to getting them off the tracks in a timely fashion?

For that matter, what about the damage that’s been inflicted on the Canadian economy since COVID-19 made its debut?

Thanks to government-mandated (albeit useless) lockdowns, the economic toll on the Canadian economy has been pegged at $1.5 billion PER DAY! Golly, that sounds like a whole lot of “economic terrorism” to us... but then again, consider that the Trudeau Liberals paid a bona fide terrorist, Omar Khadr, $10.5 million for suffering from hurt feelings.

And isn’t it curious that many of those people on the left who hate the trucker convoys are the same people who have advocated that the police should be “defunded”? How odd indeed that these anti-police types are now clamouring for the cops to shutdown these peaceful protests...

One thing is certain: when it comes to the various trucker convoys, isn’t the double standard at play these days truly breathtaking?

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