Rural Municipalities of Alberta to study economic impact of climate policies

Small towns in Alberta are doing more to study the economic impact of Justin Trudeau's climate policies than the Liberals have ever done.

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Rural Municipalities Alberta (RMA) is seeking a qualified contractor to analyze the effects of the carbon tax on rural people and tabulate the increase costs to towns trying to provide services and maintain facilities as the Liberals continue to hike their climate tithing.

The request was published on the Purchasing Connection:

"The purpose of this project is to undertake research and analysis to quantify the net impact of the carbon tax on rural Alberta households. This analysis should also explore comparisons between average or typical rural and urban households in Alberta, and may benefit from interjurisdictional comparisons. Additionally, RMA is interested in understanding the direct impact that carbon pricing has on its member municipalities, particularly related to operating costs linked to delivering municipal services and maintaining infrastructure. A comparative analysis may be useful in understanding this impact. The outcome of this research should propose solutions (if there is a disparity) that can lessen the impact of carbon pricing on rural Albertans and municipalities. This will be used to inform RMA’s position in future advocacy."

The study to be undertaken by RMA is more than the Liberals have ever done to try to quantify the impacts of their climate policies on the people forced to pay for them.

A previous Rebel News access to information filing returned no records when Natural Resources Canada was queried about any economic analysis of Bill C-69, the anti-pipeline bill. When Conservative MP Pat Kelly used an order paper question to compel the feds to produce any studies completed on the increase of the carbon tax on the profitability of the oil and gas sector, he was told, “The federal government does not have an estimate of the magnitude of these impacts as there is no single rule of thumb for the impact of oil price declines on the economy or government revenues.”

proactively released 2022 access filing into the Finance Department wanting records relating to the studies on employment and GDP harm done by “Canada's environmental commitment since 2019” returned no records.

The lack of studies and analysis done by the Liberals is a tacit admission that they know what the findings will show, that we are not, as Trudeau says, getting more back in carbon tax rebates than we pay.

Instead, we are being taken to the cleaners by the Liberals carbon Ponzi schemes.

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