'Safe supplies' aren't the solution: addressing the addiction crisis | Arthur Green

Western Standard's Arthur Green has been documenting how the drug crisis is now fuelling a rise in dangers on public transit.

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A popular solution provided by left-wing politicians to Canada's growing drug addiction crisis is “safe supply” programs or “safe injection” sites. But does providing addicts with access to drugs actually beneficial or a means of treatment?

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid explored this question. Joining her was the Western Standard's Arthur Green, who, sadly, has some personal experience with addiction.

With the experience of a close family member battling addiction, Arthur told Sheila about how the crisis is spilling onto transit now.

Documenting some of the things he's seen just travelling to work, Arthur explained how he hasn't reported on what he personally has experienced beyond that because he doesn't want to be seen “as a snowflake.”

But listen to this insane story Arthur revealed:

Two months ago some people in the LRT tried to set me on fire for taking pictures. They sprayed me with a flammable liquid and tried to light me.

And just a little bit about myself, I do have a rough and tough background, being a Newfie and being all over the world. I've worked in some pretty scary places, and the devil wouldn't frighten me — and I can fight, and I'm good at it now — but I didn't want to fight anyone.


You know, I can handle myself, I can look after myself. It worries me, about the seniors and other people, children, who are riding the trains and can't look after themselves.

For more of Arthur's reporting, you can follow him on Twitter or his work in the Western Standard.

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