SAVE EVELYN: Little girl taken by controversial hospital

Evelyn Young was medically kidnapped by Children's Mercy, a prestigious research hospital in Kansas City, after her loving parents demanded a second opinion.

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A research hospital has been medically kidnapping children for years. Children's Mercy Hospital's most recent kidnapping happened just a couple of weeks ago when the Young family brought their 10-year-old daughter Evelyn to the doctor for medical advice and support.

Instead of giving what Evelyn's parents considered appropriate medical care, the hospital gave her medication that allegedly turned Evelyn’s mild health condition into a severe issue. After this treatment, Evelyn’s brain began to swell, causing her to temporarily lose consciousness and her eye sight.

Her parents were understandably upset and angry at the hospital, and explained they wanted to take their daughter to a different hospital. Instead of allowing the family to leave, the hospital used the parents' anger and frustration as “proof” that they are unfit guardians.

Children's Mercy called Child Protective Services, and just like that, Evelyn's parents were no longer in control. As bizarre as this sounds, the hospital is known for tearing families apart. The hospital facilitates the taking of parental rights so often that a local legislator introduced a bill that would stop them from engaging in these anti-family practices.

“They’ve torn so many families apart. Just for being concerned about their children,” Jessica Young told me. “And I complied with everything they did to my daughter because I was aware of the leverage they held over my family… compliance wasn’t enough — I also had to believe in what they were doing.”

Watch my interview with Jessica Young, whose daughter was medically kidnapped by the hospital two weeks ago and stay tuned for interviews with other parents whose children have become kidnapping victims of the hospital in coordination with the government.

Help crowdfund a legal defense for Evelyn Young by signing the petition and donating at

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